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Foreign trade regime, exchange rate policy, and the atructure of incentives

This chapter analyzes the combined effect of commercial policy and ex-change rate management on relative prices affecting agriculture. But movements in price of traded products (relative to nontradables) result not only from adjustments in trade…

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Trends in cereal supply, demand, trade, and stocks

Forces underlying commodity trade, capital movement, technology transfer, and political cooperation contribute to increased interdependence among nations. The policies of a country are influenced by the international policy environment, which…

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Technological change, production costs, and supply response

The economic argument for intervention in product or factor markets in the agricultural sector rests largely on the need to provide incentives to producers. A reduction in unit cost of production, made possible by technological change, provides…

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Changing patterns of variability in cereal prices and production

The substantial growth in world cereal production of the past two and onehalf decades has been accompanied by a widening band of variability around the trend. Although each trough in production has been consistently higher than in all previous…

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Structure, costs, and benefits of food subsidies in Bangladesh

Food subsidy is an important element of public policies in Bangladesh. Direct public intervention in foodgrain distribution, now being practiced in Bangladesh, can be traced back to its origin in the 1941-44 wartime food policies of the government of…

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The social and economic effects of consumer-oriented food subsidies

The social and economic effects of consumer-oriented food subsidies are wide ranging. While the immediate purpose may be relatively narrow—for example, assuring some or all consumers access to a given quantity of food at prices fixed by the…