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Replication data for: Malnutrition and climate patterns in the arid and semi-arid lowlands of Kenya: A resilience analysis based on a pseudo-panel dataset

Resilience of food security in the arid and semi-arid lowlands (ASAL) in Kenya, were assessed using repeated cross-sectional data (collected in 1993, 1998, 2003, and 2008). We measure short- and long-term food security in response to changing agro-climatic…

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A user guide to Malawi Africa research in sustainable intensification for the next generation (Africa RISING) baseline evaluation survey data

The Malawi Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (Africa RISING) Baseline Evaluation Survey (MARBES) survey was implemented during July–October 2013 as part of IFPRI’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Africa RISING. The…


Travel time to markets in Africa South of the Sahara

Reliable market accessibility data is critical to develop agricultural policies and investment plans for ensuring smallholder farmers’ market participation and their profitable farming, yet this data is less frequently updated. Most of publicly available data…


CELL5M: A geospatial data and analytics platform of harmonized multi-disciplinary data layers for Africa South of the Sahara

Spatially-explicit data is increasingly becoming available across disciplines, yet they are often limited to a specific domain. In order to use such datasets in a coherent analysis, such as to decide where to target specific types of agricultural investment…


HCID: Global grid cell identification system at multiple spatial resolutions

HCID is a global grid identification system offering users to refer the location and boundary of a grid cell, available at multiple spatial resolutions, using a single integer number. Instead of using the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of two corners of…


Rapid yield gap assessment: African Development Bank's priority commodities

Yield gap of nine priority commodities of the African Development Bank was assessed and aggregated at two levels across the Africa continent: agro-ecological zones and agro-ecological zones by country. In this rapid assessment, the yield gap was defined as the…