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discussion paper

Roads to innovation: Firm-level evidence from China

Although both infrastructure and innovation play an important role in fostering a country’s economic growth, discussion in the literature about how the two are connected is limited. This paper examines the impact of road density on firm innovation in China…


The State of Public Service Delivery in Uganda: Report of a baseline survey

This report describes the baseline data collected as part of a major impact evaluation of the Government of Uganda’s Community Advocacy Forum (Baraza) initiative. The Baraza initiative’s aims were to (1) strengthen governance and downward accountability within…


Stratégie de renforcement des capacités à travers l’évaluation des capacités requises (ECR) en vue de la mise es place du sustème national d’analyse Stratégique et de gestion des connaissances (SAKSS): Togo

Cette étude vise à identifier les domaines en vue d’améliorer la qualité et l’utilité de l’analyse des politiques agricoles, la planification de l’investissement, le suivi-évaluation et la gestion des connaissances au niveau national. Les résultats qui en…


PHND: Poverty, health and nutrition

Poverty, food insecurity, and poor nutrition and health are among the most pernicious problems eroding people’s quality of life and limiting their economic productivity. These are the problems that IFPRI’s Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division (PHND) aims to…

project paper

Cities and agricultural transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia

Due to the rapid growth of cities in Africa, many more farmers are now living in rural hinterlands in relatively close proximity to cities where many provide food to urban residents. However, empirical evidence on how urbanization affects these farmers is…