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discussion paper

Rent Dispersion in the US Agricultural Insurance Industry

A central, but inadequately explored issue with respect to subsidized crop insurance programs concerns the costs of delivering insurance coverage to farmers. This study examines that issue in the context of the heavily subsidized US crop insurance program…

discussion paper

Contracting by small farmers in commodities with export potential: Assessing farm profits of lentil growers in Nepal

This study is undertaken to quantify the benefits of contract farming (CF) on farmers’ income in a case where new market opportunities are emerging for smallholder farmers in Nepal. CF is emerging as an important form of vertical coordination in the agrifood…

discussion paper

Anchoring bias in recall data: Evidence from Central America

Understanding the magnitude and source of measurement biases in self-reported data is critical to effective economic policy research. This paper examines the role of anchoring bias in self-reports of objective and subjective outcomes under recall. The research…

discussion paper

Long-term drivers of food and nutrition security

The 2015 Global Hunger Index suggests that despite progress in reducing hunger worldwide, hunger levels in 52 of 117 countries in the 2015 Global Hunger Index remain “serious” or “alarming.” Since achieving and maintaining food and nutrition security…


Genetically engineered crops: Experiences and prospects

While the debate about these and other questions related to the genetic engineering techniques of the first 20 years goes on, emerging genetic-engineering technologies are adding new complexities to the conversation.

project paper

Synopsis: Women’s empowerment in agriculture and dietary diversity in Ethiopia

Using household survey data from 2013 covering more than 7,000 households in five regions of Ethiopia, we investigate the impact of women’s empowerment in agriculture on the nutritional outcomes of children and women. We use multivariate regression…

journal article

Reducing stunting in India: What investments are needed?

This perspective paper was commissioned by the guest editors of this Special Supplement of Maternal and Child Nutrition to bring country-specific perspectives to the issue of stunting in South Asia.