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working paper

Impact of Clinton’s and Trump’s trade proposals

This analysis assesses the main presidential candidates’ positions on trade and provides an empirically based assessment of their trade policy proposals with regard to what has become an emotionally heated issue in the election campaign.


Highlights of the IFPRI and FAO partnership

For four decades, the rich partnership between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has generated cutting-edge technical knowledge and enhanced expertise in support of…

discussion paper

Adoption of food safety measures among Nepalese milk producers: Do smallholders benefit?

Food safety is the most vital component of food security. One option to ensure food safety is through enhancing compliance at the farm level. This study investigates the status, estimates the cost, identifies the determinants, and assesses the impact of…

discussion paper

Making pulses affordable again: Policy options from the farm to retail in India

Rising prices and declining consumption of pulses cause concern in terms of both nutrition and food inflation in India. This paper outlines policy strategies to increase the availability of pulses at affordable prices in India and also points out limitations…

project paper

Dynamic Agricultural Household Bio-Economic Simulator (DAHBSIM) model description

DAHBSIM is a dynamic, bio-economic model of agricultural households that was designed to be applied to a rural, developing country-setting, for the purpose of addressing questions around the biophysical constraints to on-farm agricultural productivity, and the…