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Calls to action

Assess progress against global targets; make smart commitments; accelerate implementation; accelerate the contribution of the underlying drivers; finance the global targets; measure progress at the national and subnational level

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Como assumir compromissos SMART de ação em prol da nutrição: Relatório sobre a nutrição mundial nota de orientação

O Relatório sobre a Nutrição Mundial, um mecanismo independente de responsabilização voltado para o progresso e a ação em prol da nutrição, convoca todas as partes interessadas a assumir compromissos SMART de ação em prol da nutrição — isto é, compromissos…

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Household resilience to drought: The case of Salima District in Malawi

This study identifies factors that affect resilience to drought among smallholder farmers in Salima, one of the districts frequently affected by drought in Malawi. The study contributes to the existing literature by constructing a drought resilience index (DRI…

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The new challenge: End all forms of malnutrition by 2030

It is a formidable challenge. Every country is facing a serious public health challenge from malnutrition (IFPRI 2014). One in three people is malnourished in one form or another (IFPRI 2015a). Malnutrition manifests itself in many forms: as children who do…

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Drought frequency change