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Understanding farmers’ technology adoption decisions: Input complementarity and heterogeneity

Agriculture growth in Africa is often characterized by low aggregate levels of technology adoption. Recent evidence, however, points to co-existence of substantial adoption heterogeneities across farm households and a lack of a suitable mix of inputs for…

project paper

The Pakistan remittance initiative and remittance flows to Pakistan

This study investigates the impact of the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) on remittance flows to Pakistan. In 2009, the Government of Pakistan launched the PRI aimed at facilitating the flow of remittances sent home by non-resident Pakistanis. The PRI is…

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Determinants of chemical fertilizer use in Nepal: Insights based on price responsiveness and income effects

Although overall chemical fertilizer use has grown steadily in Nepal in the past two decades, much of that growth has occurred in the Terai agroecological belt while use has stagnated in the Hills and the Mountains regions. Differences in chemical fertilizer…

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Is access to tractor service a binding constraint for Nepali Terai farmers?

Using results from the three rounds of Nepal Living Standard Surveys (conducted in 1995, 2003, and 2010), this study empirically assesses whether access to rented tractors or custom hiring services is a binding constraint on the income growth of farm…

project paper

Household perception and demand for better protection of land rights in Ethiopia

The study assesses factors that explain households’ perceived tenure insecurity and the demand for new formalization of land rights in Ethiopia. We use data from the 2013 Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) survey of 7,500 households from high agricultural…