2015 Global Nutrition Report Dataset

The 2015 Global Nutrition Report Dataset contains data for all the indicators that were used in Global Nutrition Report 2015: Actions and Accountability to Accelerate the World's Progress on Nutrition. The data are compiled from secondary sources including…


Pakistan rural household panel survey (PRHPS) 2012, round 1.5

Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey (PRHPS) 2012, Round 1.5 is a sub-sample consisting of agricultural households captured in Round 1 of the panel survey. It covers information of households, who either managed or cultivated agricultural plots, during the…


Think your country doesn't have a nutrition problem? Think again

Countries are making some headway on reducing undernutrition, but it's far too slow. Overweight and obesity are getting worse, not better. Download the Global Nutrition Report 2015 infographic (PDF 4.4 MB) and find more shareable images on the Global Nutrition…