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Intertemporal trends in agricultural productivity

Changes or trends in agricultural productivity over time can shed light on the relative sources of agricultural growth as well as on resource and factor constraints to increasing agricultural production sustainably. Because improvements in agricultural…

book chapter

Spatial patterns of agricultural productivity

The previous chapter examined several measures of productivity, primarily in terms of their evolution over time, and reported those changes by countries and subregions. However, the conditions under which agriculture is practiced and specific production…

book chapter

Typology of agricultural productivity zones

The preceding chapter illustrated remarkable spatial heterogeneity in agricultural productivity across Africa at the system level, characterized by the inherent variations of climate, land suitability for agriculture, human and animal populations, expanding…

book chapter

Agricultural intensification and fertilizer use

A general question deriving from the preceding chapter is, what is the best approach for increasing agricultural productivity sustainably across and within different agricultural production zones? For example, is Asia’s Green Revolution model of high-yielding…


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Promoting gender equality in irrigation

Small-scale irrigation is increasingly recognized as a key strategy for enhancing agricultural productivity and food security under growing climate uncertainty in Africa south of the Sahara. Rainfed production dominates the region, but governments and other…