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Conceptual framework: Gender, climate change, and nutrition integration initiative

To guide these activities, IFPRI has developed a conceptual framework that integrates climate resilience, gender, and nutrition, with input from USAID and its implementing partners. The purpose of the framework is to identify and describe key elements…

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How to ensure nutrition for everyone under climate change and variability

This policy note summarizes research presented in an International Food Policy Research Institute discussion paper (Fanzo et al. 2017b) that utilizes a food systems approach to analyze the multifaceted interrelationships among climate change, food,…

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Research priorities for Bangladesh

Climate change, coupled with high levels of poverty and population density, is a substantial threat to sustainable development in Bangladesh. Climate-related threats, such as flooding, inundation, salt-water intrusion, and changes in temperatures are…

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Research priorities for Zambia

Climate change is a substantial threat to sustainable development in Zambia, a country experiencing weather hazards, drought and dry spells, seasonal and flash floods, and extreme temperatures that may well increase under climate change. Achieving the…

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Cadre conceptuel: Initiative pour l’intégration des dimensions de genre, de changement climatique et de nutrition dans les programmes de développement (GCAN)

Pour guider ces activités, l’IFPRI a mis au point un cadre conceptuel qui intègre aux contributions de l’USAID et de ses partenaires opérationnels les dimensions de résilience climatique, de genre et de nutrition. L’objet de ce cadre est d’identifier…

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The role of agricultural insurance: Gender and nutrition dimensions

Smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere are highly exposed to crises or “shocks” in both their physical and their socioeconomic environments. Like all households, smallholder farm households seek ways to reduce their exposure to these…