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Calls to action

Assess progress against global targets; make smart commitments; accelerate implementation; accelerate the contribution of the underlying drivers; finance the global targets; measure progress at the national and subnational level


Global Nutrition Report 2016: From Promise to Impact: Ending Malnutrition by 2030: Summary [in Chinese]

在现今国际社会所面临的诸多挑战中,营养 不良问题显得尤为严峻:全球有三分之一 的人口营养不良。营养不良有很多不同的表现 形式:儿童生长与发育不良;个体消瘦或易受 感染;过度肥胖或高血糖、高血压、高血脂或 高胆固醇;缺乏重要的维生素或矿物质。就目 前来看,营养不良和不健康饮食是造成全球疾 病负担的最大因素:各国都面临着营养不良造 成的严峻公共卫生挑战。在非洲和亚洲,每年 营养不良造成的经济损失相当于11%的国内生 产总值(GDP…

supplementary material

Making SMARTer commitments to nutrition action: Global nutrition report guidance note

The Global Nutrition Report, an independent accountability mechanism for progress and action on nutrition, calls on all actors to make SMART Commitments to Nutrition Action—that is, commitments that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time…