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Agricultural research in Africa: Investing in future harvests

In Agricultural Research in Africa: Investing in Future Harvests, researchers and other development specialists examine the state of agricultural research and development (R&D) in the region and how such R&D can be improved. The research is an output…

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Ensuring human resource capacity to secure agricultural transformation

The preceding sections have assessed existing human resource capacity in SSA and key vulnerabilities needing urgent attention; the ability to build human resource capacity, however, depends on the longer-term financial and institutional capacities to do so…

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Integrating agricultural research into an African innovation system

This chapter explores the potential for organizing African agricultural research within an AIS framework. The first section evaluates the principal issues involved within the specific context of the region. The second section presents a concrete example of the…

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Economies of size in national agricultural research systems

This chapter expands on Fuglie and Rada (2013) by examining size efficiencies in the economic returns to national agricultural research in SSA. The approach is to empirically estimate how past investments in NARSs affected agricultural productivity in SSA…

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Private-sector investment in African agricultural research

This chapter provides an overview of private agricultural R&D in SSA. The approach is not comprehensive, but is analyzed through a series of case studies. The next section provides an overview of three types of private agricultural R&D and their main…

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Monitoring and evaluation to strengthen the performance of agricultural R&D

This chapter begins with a discussion of the performance monitoring challenge in African agricultural research with respect to monitoring change in smallholder agricultural systems, the time lag in agricultural research, the context for technology adoption…