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A Food Composition Table for Central and Eastern Uganda

In the context of evaluating an intervention to introduce provitamin A-rich orange sweet potato in rural Ugandan communities, HarvestPlus and its collaborators conducted surveys of dietary intakes using an interactive, 24-hour recall method (Gibson…


Crop sampling protocols for micronutrient analysis

It is well known that plant breeding is a numbers game, and that screening genotypes requires a substantial effort in both the field and the laboratory. Collecting a representative sample and minimizing soil and dust contamination from harvesting or…


Influence of provitamin A carotenoids on iron, zinc, and vitamin A status

"Bioavailable iron, vitamin A, and zinc are mainly provided in the human diet by animal source foods. In the developing world, where poorer individuals consume predominantly plant-based diets, deficiencies of these micronutrients are common and can…


Analyzing the health benefits of biofortified staple crops by means of the disability-adjusted life years approach

"Biofortified staple crops – food crops bred for higher micronutrient content – are expected to reduce micronutrient deficiency and its accompanying adverse health outcomes. Health benefits can be measured and expressed in terms of the number of…