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Input and Output marketing Systens: A Nigerian Case

Nigeria and many other sub-Saharan countries are rinding that adoption of new high-yielding varieties is severely constrained by existing farm input supply and food-marketing systems. Like other sub-Saharan countries, Nigeria imports most of her…

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Growth of Foreign Assistance and its Impact on Agriculture

Justifications of foreign aid may be classified into two basic categories. The first claims that aid is a form of progressive international taxation in which income is redistributed from rich to poor countries in much the same way as among income…

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Commentary on Defining the Problem

Kumar's summary of the nutritional problems in sub-Saharan Africa indicates that African countries have generally not perceived malnutrition as pervasive. This problem should be viewed in its historical context. Before independence, most eastern and…

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Technological Change and Agricultural Labor Use

The preceding chapters suggest three aspects of labor use in the agriculture of sub-Saharan Africa that are critical for the design and adoption of improved technology for increasing food production. First, both average and marginal labor productivity…