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El agro argentino: Un sistema productivo y organizacional eficiente

El reciente paradigma tecnológico que se está difundiendo a nivel mundial, caracterizado por tecnologías posibles de ser aplicadas a los recursos naturales, presenta importantes oportunidades para los países de menor desarrollo relativo, donde la…

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Anchoring bias in recall data: Evidence from Central America

Understanding the magnitude and source of measurement biases in self-reported data is critical to effective economic policy research. This paper examines the role of anchoring bias in self-reports of objective and subjective outcomes under recall. The…

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Measuring women’s decisionmaking: Indicator choice and survey design experiments from cash and food transfer evaluations in Ecuador, Uganda, and Yemen

Despite wide use of women’s decisionmaking indicators, both as a direct measure of intrahousehold decisionmaking and as a proxy for women’s empowerment or bargaining power, little has been done to explore what such indicators capture and how effective…

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The new Nicaraguan water law in context

The Nicaraguan Water Law, enacted in September 2007, is the first attempt to implement a new water law in the country. This is not an isolated legislative process in Central America, as other countries initiated similar reforms based on the Dublin…