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Targeting technology to reduce poverty and conserve resources: Experimental delivery of laser land leveling to farmers in Uttar Pradesh, India

Demand heterogeneity often makes it profitable for firms to price and promote goods and services differently in different market segments. When private consumption brings public benefits, this same heterogeneity can be used to target public subsidies.…

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Review of input and output policies for cereals production in Pakistan

The marketing of farm inputs and outputs has become a major problem for farmers in Pakistan. Farm input supplies are irregular, characterized by shortages and high prices at critical times. This report reviews the input and output policies for cereals…

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Supply and demand for cereals in Pakistan, 2010-2030

This paper presents the projections of future demand and supply for these two main cereals for 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025, and 2030. For projecting household demand, the Almost Ideal Demand System (LA-AIDS) is estimated for eight food items using the data…

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Change and diversity in smallholder rice-fish systems: Recent evidence from Bangladesh

Efforts to unlock the genetic potential of both rice and fish, when combined with efforts to improve the management of rice–fish systems, have considerable proven potential for increasing agricultural productivity and food security. In Bangladesh,…

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Review of input and output policies for cereal production in Bangladesh

Even as Bangladesh struggles to achieve food security, the country’s cereal sector faces new challenges. What are these challenges and what should be the country’s response? With these questions in mind, this paper reviews the key policies of…

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Supply and Demand for Cereals in Bangladesh: 2010–2030

In this study we attempt to provide forecasts of the demand and supply of cereals in Bangladesh for the period 2015–2030, focusing on rice the main staple in Bangladeshi diets and also the most important crop in Bangladesh’s agriculture. A detailed…