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Fertilizer in Ethiopia: An assessment of policies, value chain, and profitability

The study involved interviewing a large number of stakeholders in fertilizer value chain, collection of data on costs and margins from the key actors in the value chain, as well as household survey data. In this paper, we present the key findings from…

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The impact of food price shocks in Uganda: First-order versus long-run effects

We look at the immediate effects of these shocks faced by households in Uganda on their poverty and well-being. In addition, we look at the economywide impact in the long run when all markets have settled at a new equilibrium. We find that in the…

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Impact of food price changes on household welfare in Ghana

In this paper, we explore the distributional impact of higher maize, rice, and food prices in Ghana and analyze the robustness of those results to changes in several key assumptions.

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Factor endowments, wage growth, and changing food self-sufficiency

Asian countries have witnessed a sharp increase in real wage as a result of rapid economic growth and structural transformation in recent years. Using a country level panel data from 1980 to 2010, this paper examines the effects of real wage increase…

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Intercommodity price transmission and food price policies

Cereal price variability in Ethiopia has worsened in recent years, and some of the earlier liberalizations are being reversed due to the unacceptable economic and political costs of increased price variability. The challenge now is to achieve price…

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Rich consumers and poor producers

In recent years, quality standards have become crucial for developing countries’ agricultural production systems in gaining access to high-value markets abroad or at home. High-value supply chains offer opportunities for high profits, but in order to…