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Effects of agricultural mechanization on smallholders and their self-selection into farming: An insight from the Nepal Terai

This research was undertaken to better assess the role of mechanization in the future of smallholder farmers in Nepal. It addresses the knowledge gap about whether promoting mechanization that is often complementary to land can effectively support…

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Farm size and effects of chemical fertilizer price on farm households: Insights from Nepal Terai

This research explores how inputs such as chemical fertilizer that are often complementary to labor can benefit smallholders in countries like Nepal. These and other inputs complement labor when a country experiences periods of increased labor…

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Youth employment, agricultural transformation, and rural labor dynamics in Nigeria

Youth employment in developing countries, particularly in connection with agricultural transformation policies in Africa south of the Sahara, has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. The debate on youth unemployment globally—and…

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Energy use and rural poverty: Empirical evidence from potato farmers in north China

Rising energy expenditures due to more intensive use of energy in modern agriculture and increasing energy prices may affect rural households’ agricultural incomes, particularly the incomes of the rural poor in developing countries. However, the exact…

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What drives diversification of national food supplies? A cross-country analysis

Although the diversification of national food supplies (DFS) is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for the diversification of diets and for reductions in undernutrition in poor countries, little previous research has analyzed how DFS varies…

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Does a “Blue Revolution” help the poor? Evidence from Bangladesh

The impressive growth in aquaculture is now commonly dubbed a “blue revolution.” In some Asian countries, fish availability has increased at a faster rate in recent decades than did cereal availability during the Green Revolution. As an example,…