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Future directions for Indian irrigation

This volume evolved from a workshop held at Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, in April 1988. Special thanks are due to Mr. A. Mohanakrish-nan, who gave the inaugural address, and to Dr. V. Rajagopalan for the concluding remarks. We are very grateful to Dr. P.…


Variability in grain yields

Variability in foodgrain yields and production has entered into the food policy agenda in the wake of the Green Revolution, but debate and decisionmaking have been stifled for lack of a systematically gathered body of cogent evidence. Research by the…


Seasonal variability in Third World agriculture

The purpose of this book is to explore the seasonality of household food security. This involves examining the extent, patterns, causes, and consequences of seasonal variations in wages, agricultural earnings, food availability, prices, consumption,…


Agricultural price policy for developing countries

The weight of agricultural prices in political debate, their searing importance to the poor, and their common association with unusually low agricultural output levels often lead to policies that focus directly on prices at the expense of other…