Policy Communications

COM+ Award

IFPRI’s powerful response to the food-price crisis earned it the prestigious 2008 Communication Award by COM+, an alliance of communicators for sustainable development. During the award ceremony, the COM+ committee chair stated: “At a time when global food prices soared…leading to social unrest in about 50 countries, IFPRI proved remarkably innovative and effective, producing timely research on the food crisis, and providing an action plan ahead of others.” IFPRI released more than 20 publications offering research-based insights and recommendations on the global food crisis in 2008; produced numerous crisis-related public statements and articles; and organized multiple radio and television interviews, panel discussions, and workshops.

Website Redesign

With such heightened demand for IFPRI’s research and products came a greater need to make the Institute’s work more readily available and easily accessible; IFPRI’s Communications Division launched the Institute’s new website in the summer of 2009. IFPRI’s innovative web presence, featuring videos of policy seminars, media coverage, and an interactive slideshow, draws tens of thousands of external visitors to its research every year.