New Website Highlights IFPRI's Research Communities

IFPRI.INFO focuses on projects, dialogue
March 7, 2012

IFPRI is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, IFPRI.INFO. The new site complements IFPRI’s main website, IFPRI.ORG, which has an institutional focus. IFPRI.ORG presents, for example, official research results and publications, descriptions of IFPRI’s research programs, and content from major IFPRI-hosted events.

The new site, IFPRI.INFO, is the face of IFPRI’s research communities. It’s a new platform that brings together the latest information from IFPRI’s many research projects and blogs. This dynamic website provides a glimpse of IFPRI’s work in progress, as well as a forum for dialogue in the wider research community beyond IFPRI.

It includes

  • The latest content from all of IFPRI’s subsites
  • Articles, case studies, videos, and presentations by IFPRI researchers
  • Materials for project events, conferences, and workshops
  • directory of all blogs and websites
  • The latest postings in social media

IFPRI.INFO has dozens of subsites, including

  • DG Corner (messages from IFPRI Director General Shenggen Fan)
  • Insights (IFPRI’s quarterly magazine)
  • Conference websites
  • IFPRI’s Country Strategy Support Programs (for Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Pakistan, among others)

IFPRI.INFO also makes it easy to collect information on a single topic or region, and provides additional options for keeping up to date on IFPRI’s work. Here are a few ways to sign up for updates: