Vartika Singh



Project Manager


Vartika Singh is Project Manager in the Environment, Production and Technology Division of IFPRI, where she is working on the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia project. Prior to joining IFPRI, she was working as Research and Training Manager with Evidence for Policy Design (India) at Harvard University and IFMR LEAD where she was working with policymakers from the Ministry of Rural Development and the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, on complex policy problems in India. She has also worked with EPoD India on the capacity building of senior administrators to use research evidence for smart policy design. Previously, she worked as Research Analyst at IFPRI where she worked on large-scale behavioural economic experiments with farmers across South Asia on willingness to adopt new agricultural technology.

Vartika holds a Master's degree in Development Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, and a Bachelor's in Economics from Hindu College at Delhi University. She re-joined IFPRI in April 2017.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Oriya

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