Senior Research Fellow


Will Martin is a Senior Research Fellow. He is also President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. He trained in economics and agricultural economics at the University of Queensland, the Australian National University and Iowa State University and worked at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics; the Australian National University and the World Bank before joining IFPRI in 2015.

Current Research

His recent research has focused primarily on the impacts of changes in food and trade policies and food prices on poverty and food security in developing countries. He has also examined the impact of major trade policy reforms—including the Uruguay Round; the Doha Development Agenda; and China’s accession to the WTO—on developing countries; implications of climate change for poor people; and the implications for the poor of improvements in agricultural productivity in developing countries. 

Selected Publications

  • Laborde, D. and Martin, W. (2015), ‘Formulas for failure? Were the Doha tariff formulas too ambitious for success? World Trade Review 14(1): 46-65.
  • Fukase, E. and Martin, W. (2015), ‘Who Will Feed China in the 21st Century? Income Growth and Food Demand and Supply in China’ Journal of Agricultural Economics forthcoming.
  • Ivanic, M. and Martin, W. (2014), ‘Implications of Domestic Price Insulation for Global Food Price Volatility’ Journal of International Money and Finance 42:272-88.
  • Ivanic, M., Martin, W. and Zaman, H. (2012), 'Estimating the short-run poverty impacts of the 2010 surge in food prices' World Development, 40(11):2302-17.
  • Martin, W. and Mattoo, A. (2011), Unfinished Business? The WTO’s Doha Development Agenda, Center for Economic Policy Research and the World Bank.
  • Anderson, K., Cockburn, J. and Martin, W. eds (2010), Agricultural Price Distortions, Inequality and Poverty, World Bank, Washington DC.
  • Ivanic, M. and Martin, W. (2015) ‘The welfare impacts of changes in food prices’ in Gillson, I and Fouad, A. eds Trade Policy and Food Security: Improving Access to Food in Developing Countries in the Wake of High Prices, World Bank, Washington DC.
  • Martin, W. and Pham, C. (2015), Estimating the gravity model when zero trade flows are frequent and economically determined’ Policy Research Working Paper 7308, World Bank, Washington DC.
  • Fukase, E and Martin, W. (2015) Economic implications of a potential free trade agreement between India and the United States. Policy Research Working Paper 7212, World Bank, Washington, D.C.