Famine in Africa

Causes, responses, and prevention

Joachim von Braun, Tesfaye Teklu, Patrick Webb

"Though famine has affected many parts of the world in the twentieth century, the conditions that produce famine--extreme poverty, armed conflict, economic and political turmoil, and climate shocks--are now most prevalent in Africa. Researchers differ on how to address this problem effectively, but their arguments are often not informed by empirical analysis from a famine context. Broadening current theories and models of development for conquering famine, Famine in Africa grounds its findings in long-term empirical research, especially on the impact of famine on households and markets. The authors present the results of field work and other research from numerous parts of Africa, with a particular focus on Botswana, Ethiopia, Niger, Rwanda, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. With these data, the authors explain the factors that cause famines and assess efforts to mitigate and prevent them. Famine in Africa is an important resource for international development specialists, students, and policymakers."-- from Introduction