An assessment of IFPRI's capacity strengthening work, 1985-2010

Impact assessment of IFPRI’s capacity-strengthening work, 1985–2010

Arie Kuyvenhoven
independent impact assessment brief

Strengthening national capacities for undertaking, communicating, and using evidence-based food policy analysis has long been one of IFPRI’s objectives. IFPRI has therefore engaged in various forms of capacity strengthening (CS), including formal training, collaborative research and outreach, and institutional development. CS has also been delivered through individual projects, country programs, regional networks, and thematic multicountry programs.

Given this long and varied involvement in CS, IFPRI commissioned this external evaluation to: determine which approaches have been the most effective in strengthening the capacities of individuals and institutions; draw lessons for improving future CS work at IFPRI; and help demonstrate the value of investments in IFPRI’s CS work.