Open Access and Open Data at CGIAR: Challenges and solutions

Medha Devare, Megan Zandstra, Abby Clobridge, Michelle Fotsy, David Abreu, Elizabeth Arnaud, Paul Baraka, Enrico Bonaiuti, Srinivasarao Chukka, Ibnou Dieng, Kate Dreher, Sufiet Erlita, Henry Juarez, Soonho Kim, Jawoo Koo, Usman Muchlish, Martin Müller, Leroy Mwanzia, Jane Poole, Salman Siddiqui, knowledge with other data, and information managers across CGIAR,
Knowledge Management for Development Journal

CGIAR is addressing the urgent need to create a data sharing culture and enabling environment for Open Access and Open Data (OA/OD) that includes projects planning for OA/OD and allocating funds to support it, in parallel with the technical infrastructure mentioned above. While the technology necessary to enable FAIR outputs exists, achieving success implies data provider and consumer trust and buy-in, agreement and adherence to interoperability standards and/or mapping across varied approaches, and compliance with guidelines (including those on citation and licensing governing content reuse).