Public expenditures for agricultural and rural development in Africa

Tewodaj Mogues, Samuel Benin
routledge studies in development economics

Whereas there is plenty of work looking at macroeconomic effect of public spending on growth and poverty in Africa as well as studies of the impact of spending or investment in one economic sector on outcomes in that sector or on broader welfare measures, this book fills a much needed gap in the research looking how the composition of public spending affects key development outcomes in the region.

The book brings together recent analysis on the trends in, and returns to, public spending for agricultural growth and rural development in Africa. Case studies of selected African countries provide insights on the contributions of different types of public expenditures for poverty, growth and welfare outcomes, as well as insights into the constraints in gaining development mileage from investments in the agricultural sector.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Public Spending for Agriculture in Africa: Definition, Measures and Trends
  • Chapter 3. Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction Impacts of Public Investments: Assessment of Concepts and Techniques
  • Chapter 4. Agricultural Public Spending in Nigeria
  • Chapter 5. Public Expenditures and Agricultural Productivity Growth in Ghana
  • Chapter 6. Public Investment and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania: Evidence from Household Survey Data
  • Chapter 7. Public Expenditure, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Rural Uganda
  • Chapter 8. The Bang for the Birr: Public Spending and Rural Welfare in Ethiopia
  • Chapter 9. Investing in African Agriculture to Halve Poverty By 2015
  • Chapter 10. Agricultural and Rural Public Spending in Africa: Conclusions and Implications