What's politics got to do with it: Nutrition and the policy agenda

Heidi Fritschel, ed.
insights: magazine of the international food policy research institute

Recent experience has shown that as countries get richer, nutritional status does not necessarily improve. In a recent article in the journal The Lancet, IFPRI researchers and others explain that creating the right conditions for nutritional advances often requires political action. The feature article in this issue of Insights looks at how some developing countries and regions—Ghana, Peru, Thailand, and the state of Maharashtra, India—have made nutrition a political priority and how they’ve turned political commitments into widespread changes on the ground. The rest of this issue of Insights describes other important IFPRI research, touching on many different areas related to food policy.

2 Legal Aid
3 Pooling the Risk
4 Mapping the Big Picture
5 Farm Bill Follies
6 Détente in the Dairy Sector?
7 On Tap
8 Talking with Morten Jerven
10 Coming and Going
12 Saving for a Sunny Day
14 A Bigger Toolbox
16 Putting a Price Tag on Land Degradation
18 What’s Politics Got to Do with It?
28 The Ins and Outs of Migration in Africa South of the Sahara