Policy Seminar

Launch of IFPRI's First Global Food Policy Report

Apr 23, 2012 - 04:15 pm to 05:45 pm EDT

In 2011, a variety of ongoing challenges affected global food security, including food price volatility, extreme weather shocks, famine, and conflicts. Despite a number of positive developments in 2011, the global food system’s inability to adequately respond to these challenges highlights a need to exploit the links between agriculture and other sectors, in combination with other actions to reduce the impact on the poor and hungry. IFPRI’s 2011 Global Food Policy Report—the first in a new annual series—reflects on the challenges and developments of 2011 and provides an outlook for 2012. It asks: What could have been done differently? What should be done in the future?

In this seminar, Dr. Fan will provide an overview of global food policy developments in 2011 and will highlight emerging food policy developments in 2012. Dr. Razzaque will focus on food policy in Bangladesh, and Ms. Spahn will discuss the rising profile of nutrition in the development agenda.

Attendees may obtain a copy of the new report at the seminar.