Special Event

23rd Annual Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture

Sep 27, 2013 - 04:15 pm to 05:45 pm EDT

Stepping into the SUN: Successes and Constraints from On-the-Ground

The June 2013 Lancet series underscores that tackling the burden of malnutrition is one of the greatest challenges the global community faces in ensuring the survival and healthy development of our children. Events in 2008 have catalyzed renewed interest in nutrition – resulting in the Scaling Up Nutrition movement.

In his presentation Shawn Baker will speak from the perspective of a program implementer about translating the principles of the SUN movement into action. He will discuss some of the successfully scaled-up programs and draw some lessons learned. He will explore the constraints that have hindered wider scale-up of proven interventions and the leveraging of related sectors to enhance nutritional outcomes.

The Annual Lecture commemorates the significant impact on international nutrition by Martin J. Forman, who headed the Office of Nutrition at USAID for more than 20 years. The annual lecturer is invited to present his or her personal, often unconventional, views about large issues dealing with malnutrition.