Erick Boy



Head, Nutrition, HarvestPlus


He obtained his medical degree from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala (1987) and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in nutrition with emphasis on international nutrition ad a minor in epidemiology at the University of California-Davis. Previous to joining HarvestPlus, Erick worked at the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (1987-1999), where he became regional coordinator for micronutrient nutrition technical cooperation responsible for assisting Central American Ministries of Public Health in assessing the magnitude of micronutrient deficiencies and planning food fortification and supplementation interventions for their control and prevention. In 1999, Erick joined the Micronutrient Initiative where he managed Latin American projects, iron and zinc nutrition projects, the vitamin A supplements procurement program, and served as its chief scientific adviser in charge of knowledge management, in particular with respect to key scientific issues related to micronutrient nutrition and public health.

Erick has over 15 years of experience with international nutrition, anemia control and prevention, iodine deficiency disorders monitoring and prevention, micronutrient fortification of foods and condiments, coordination of vitamin and mineral deficiency control programs, and nutrition project management.

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