Policy Seminar

Visioning the future of Food Security

Critical drivers to 2050, key vulnerabilities, and needed policy interventions
Jan 18, 2017 - 12:15 pm to 01:45 pm EST
IFPRI Policy Seminar




Food and nutrition security policies should be made with future eventualities in mind so that proper planning and investments can be made today. There are several approaches to generating “plausible futures.” Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, analysts perform “foresight” exercises to see how various paths to economic growth and development will affect poverty, hunger, climate change, and human welfare.

This seminar brings together representatives from different research initiatives to identify the most likely drivers of change in the environment and food security between now and 2050. Panelists will discuss large foresight initiatives—such as Agrimonde-Terra, co-led by two French agencies, and the EU-funded FoodSecure project—as well as the SIMPLE model developed by Purdue University, which provides insights into the key forces that determine both past and future trends in agricultural productivity, land use, and food security.

A Q&A and discussion will follow.