Gender Task Force

In order to ensure that IFPRI continues to be a source of sound research on gender, the Gender Task Force (GenTF) was created in 2004 as an interdivisional mechanism to:

  • Provide support to researchers interested in incorporating gender into their work;
  • Identify new areas for concentrated research on gender;
  • Disseminate information about IFPRI’s work on gender to external audiences; and
  • Link with relevant gender policy research within the CGIAR.

Although two cross-cutting CGIAR research programs now have their own gender strategies, there continues to be a role for a gender task force to coordinate, support, and publicize gender research institute-wide. Thus, not only does the Task Force have two representatives from each research division in IFPRI, and one each from each regional office and CKM, it also has one representative from each of the IFPRI-led CRPs. The current representatives to the Task Force are listed here.