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HCID: Global grid cell identification system at multiple spatial resolutions

HCID is a global grid identification system offering users to refer the location and boundary of a grid cell, available at multiple spatial resolutions, using a single integer number. Instead of using the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of two…


Five-year yield growth rates of major crops in the CGIAR CRP II priority countries

Yield growth rate (%) of major crop commodities in CGIAR CRP II priority countries were computed using the FAOSTAT-retrieved national crop production statistics data for five most recent years (2009-2013 in most countries; where available, 2014 data…


Sub-national poverty statistics in the CGIAR CRP II priority countries

This dataset contains estimates of the poor and extreme poor rural population within each region (administrative level 1) of the CRPs countries. The poverty lines are defined using the thresholds of 3.10$/day and 1.90$/day respectively, expressed in…


Agro-ecological zones for Africa South of the Sahara

Agro-Ecological Zones (AEZ) for Africa South of the Sahara (SSA) were developed based on the methodology developed by FAO and IIASA. The dataset includes three classification schemes: 5, 8, and 16 classes, referred to as the AEZ5, AEZ8, and AEZ16,…


Urban extent of Africa 2010

Accurate delineation of the urban and rural areas has a broad range of implications on the quality and reliability of agricultural production and socio-economic statistics, design of household survey, establishment of agricultural development…