Policy Seminar

Climate Change & Food Security

Challenges and Options at Global and National Scales
Nov 10, 2015 - 05:15 pm to 06:45 pm EST

Speakers: Mark Rosegrant, Director of the Environment and Production Technology Division (EPTD), IFPRI | Keith Wiebe, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI | Alex De Pinto, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI | Heather McGray, Director, Vulnerability & Adaptation, World Resources Institute.

As we become increasingly aware of the impacts of heat, drought, and other extreme weather events, climate challenges that once seemed a concern for the distant future are becoming more immediate. The impacts of climate change on agricultural commodities and trade need to be analyzed in the context of implications for agricultural production, food security, and resource use. In addition, climate change raises very real and important timescale and planning horizon issues not normally at the forefront of the more traditional economic development research agenda.

As scientists, advocates, researchers, and political leaders prepare to head to Paris for Conference of Parties (COP21), a panel of experts lays out some of the most urgent aspects of climate change and agriculture. Join IFPRI as new results on the impact of climate change on agriculture and food security from the International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) are presented, along with a modeling framework and results designed to assist national decision- and policy-makers address climate change and mitigation goals in a politically and economically sustainable way. Following presentations by senior IFPRI researchers Alex de Pinto and Keith Wiebe, a panel of experts will share their views and recommendations.