Agricultural value chains in the Feed the Future zone of influence in Bangladesh: Baseline study

Akhter U. Ahmed, Ricardo Hernandez, Arifeen Akter, Nusrat Hossain, Wahid Quabili, Zeeshan Abedin, Fiona Shaba, Redwan Rokon

The present study looks into the first link in the agricultural value chain: the producers. Upon request from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) conducted this agricultural value-chain study through its Bangladesh Policy Research and Strategy Support Program for Food Security and Agricultural Development (PRSSP), funded by USAID. The IFPRI-PRSSP conducted this study in the Feed the Future (FTF) Zone of Influence (ZOI) in the south and southwest regions of the country. FTF is the US government’s global hunger and food security initiative that supports country-driven approaches to address the root causes of poverty, hunger, and undernutrition. In Bangladesh, FTF’s collective efforts aim to improve the livelihood and nutritional status of households through: (1) increased on-farm productivity, (2) increased investment in market systems and value chains, (3) enhanced food security policy and planning capacity, (4) enhanced agriculture innovation capacity, and (5) improved nutritional status of the rural poor.