Kenya agricultural development status assessment

Samuel Benin, Namukolo M. Covic, Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly, Ismaël Fofana, Jawoo Koo, Nicholas Minot, Sunday Odjo, Fousseini Traore, Fleur Stephanie Wouterse

In this assessment, the status and progress of Kenya on each of the metrics related to the Malabo goals and commitments is evaluated. The metrics defined here deal with goals and commitments at the continental level. Therefore, country-specific goals and targets as well as policy and institutional commitments that are defined in existing country investment plans need to be defined and assessed. For quantitative indicators, first a baseline measurement showing average values during a reference period is established. Second, the average level during the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) period is compared to the reference period. For qualitative indicators, such as those regarding policy and institutional quality and adequacy, current status is assessed as well as any available information on progress during the period of the NAIP.